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7 Ways to Improve Foreplay With Your Partner

7 Ways to Improve Foreplay With Your Partner

Let’s face it, this is the 21st Century and well, everyone is starting to become more sexually curious and ready to try new things and enjoy life. That includes exploring the boundaries of sex, which is a common factor of life fulfillment.

It’s not a bad thing. Today, we are more open with our sexuality and sexual preferences and this includes taking pleasure into our own hands. This not a bad thing at all unless you are not aware or tapped into what you enjoy and what you need from a lover.

So there you are, feeling left out compared to your peers. Well not to worry, at least when it comes to sex and oral pleasure, you can learn how to explore something new safely to gain more pleasure from sex and sexual experiences.

This includes tips on how to satisfy that partner of yours.


Oral sex according to Wikipedia is sexual intercourse using the mouth, consisting of two types:

folation which is when done on male

cunnilingus when done on female.

Medically correct names aside, there are common names for this type of activity including but not limited to: “going down”, giving head”, “blowjob” and “rimming”( this is oral sex performed on the anus).

Why is it usually done you may ask? It can be for foreplay before actual sex, usually for sexual arousal, or just for satisfaction as a ” quickie” – another poplar term.


Foreplay can be come in many forms depending on the preferences of the individual. For the sake of this article we are specifically referring to oral sex, as a form of foreplay. To get the most from this activity, it’s important to be sure that you want to and are willing to engage.

You want to enjoy the oral sex since that is the point, so do not get pressured if you don’t like it and maybe you think it is undesirable, as it can sometimes be beyond your comfort zone. So communicate with your partner and let both of you confirm that you agree and are ready for it according to sex courses.


Romance is a critical part in foreplay. It makes the love and lust work in perfect harmony. This is assumed by couples that romance will naturally come but it takes effort. Oral sex will not replace romance.

Make sure to start with a little romantic foreplay, maybe a compliment or light touching. This will enhance your experience and it will bring the concentration into what you are doing and you will be focused to satisfy each other and in general, it will literally make the sex enjoyable.


Don’t just be silent like a dead block of wood, when with your partner. Yes, you might be nervous but try to ask your partner how they feel, ask where specifically they feel is sweet as this will help you in getting the G-spot especially for the female counterpart. Furthermore, if you like talking dirty to arouse yourself or your partner, it is a good idea to use the words to keep this going. Open communication also helps when one does not feel like continuing, they can say so and stop.


Aside from increasing your arousal, watching oral sex porn on the background gives you relative experience and skills you might like to pleasure yourself of your partner. You will at most try the acts that you see on the video, but if it does not come naturally my advice is that you should make sure that you use at least 2 of the skills on the background as they can be something that you and your partner practice together to improve.

A note is to be sure the porn does not take your focus from your partner. You don’t want to end up with infatuations about the other guys on the porn, like you should not end up calling the name of the porn star. That would be embarrassing, if you know what I mean.


We both know that work with no play is dull, no wonder we always have breaks and games in school.
So, knowing that why would you be the dull partners and practice just work with no play then?…Duh!
Be adventurous and try every style that you know. You are not competing with anyone to win the race early, or get it perfect. You only need the satisfaction that comes with enjoying your partner.


It is about time you introduced a little bit of toys to improve the functionality of the whole experience.
There are numerous toys you can order online or you can just head up to the local toy shops in your country or locality.

Note that there are toys for both male and female and not sex dolls or dildos that replace your other partner, so do not worry about this article causing you to lose the love of your dreams.


Let us talk about any other guidelines. Remember that you should not try anything that makes you uncomfortable. And that you are not obligated by anyone to engage in this behavior.

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