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8 Qualities of A Healthy Relationship

8 Qualities of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are a big part of our life as we’re all longing to find our better half, get married and have a wonderful, loving family together. But in order to achieve that perfect goal that we see in the movies we have to understand that noting really is perfect as we all have our flaws.

It’s all about what king of flaws you’re able to accept and what kind of compromises you are willing to make. But there are certain crucial aspects that are required if you desire a healthy relationship. The question is – what does a healthy relationship look like? Stick with us and you’ll find all the golden keys you need to answer to find the question.


I believe that honesty is primordially when it comes to a healthy relationship, even if the truth can be hard to swallow, it’s crucial to say it but if you’re not really prepared to avoid it – until you’re prepared but don’t take too much time – but don’t lie.

You see, if you start with a lie maybe you’ll never gain that person’s trust ever again and you’ll never know if the one you like will ever love you for who you really are, so it’s not worth it, according to Assignment Help experts. But in the first place, you have to be honest with yourself, because if you lie to yourself implicitly you’ll lie to your date. Lies are the root of any toxic relationship.

Trust & Loyalty

Honesty is also mandatory for creating trust between the two of you as no one trusts a liar. Again, in order to create a trustworthy relationship, you have to trust yourself first. If you have trust issues you’ll have to deal with them before you adventure in a new relationship, otherwise, if you bring your issues right into it eventually you’ll hurt someone you care about.

As well, if you don’t trust each other, toxic feelings like jealousy and envy will rule your relationship and turn it into a nightmare. Trust yourself and your partner and never doubt each other only if there are serious reasons to do it.

Moreover, trust depends on loyalty as you can’t trust someone who isn’t able to be loyal; who says he loves you but sleeping with other persons too – that’s not love. You have to be loyal to each other in order to genuinely trust each other. Relationship means commitment after all.


Nothing truly good, legal, healthy, and successful can be achieved without good communication, advices the specialist from Edubirdie. Not in the business world and not in your private life. I mean, how many mixed-up stories you heard about yourself because of poor communication?

Personally, I heard many about myself and it happens exactly the same in the relationship. If you communicate poorly, you live a pot of space for meaning, tone, gestures, and even texts interpretations which most of the time lead to conflicts because you misunderstand each other.

Independent yet Comfortable

Dependence of any sort is neither good nor healthy. So, why depending on someone isn’t called yet one of the biggest reasons why relationships don’t work? Independence is mandatory for a healthy relationship because at the end of the day and life when we close our eyes all we have is us. Therefore, you should have your own life, to focus on you and becoming a better version of you and then on the relationship. Prioritize yourself first and then the relationship, in general, and know when you have to pay more attention to your partner.


Name one healthy relationship which is not based on respect and I can guarantee you that it’s all a façade which can be easily spotted out if you pay attention. If you don’t respect your partner decisions and opinions and you do whatever you like despite how you make your partner feel how you can even name each other partners?


If you don’t believe that your lover is at least your equal why are you even with that person if you consider him/her way bellow you? Relationships are all about equality and equity even if you are better at something, remember that your lover can do things that you never will. Which is ok, you complete each other and you make a great team together. There’s no need to make one of you the boss, in fact, is toxic to do that.


No relationships are perfect, so don’t expect yours to be as it will never be – the truth is harsh, I know. But what matters when you have a disagreement is to be mature enough to take responsibility for your actions because no one fights with himself or without a reason. Both of you are responsible for what happened but sometimes one is guiltier than the other.


Compassion is not particularly mandatory as not everyone is a compassionate person and is not really something you can learn or you have to be but is certainly a big sign of a healthy relationship.
To have compassion means to have deep care, understanding, and desire to help your partner overcome his/her struggles – to genuinely support your partner in hard times. Therefore, there’s nothing healthier than being compassionate lovers as you’ll be able to make it work no matter how dark the days turn.


We all want to be in a relationship, but if that relationship isn’t healthy and you can’t make it healthy there shouldn’t really be a relationship because you’ll only harm each other. Relationships are about love and compassion, but if you don’t treat it well it can turn into something toxic.

Not everyone we like is a match for us and that’s ok because you should wait until you find someone you can build a healthy relationship with. Remember that even the healthiest relationships can have their downs and turn into something toxic, but it’s all about how you manage to overcome it because real love endures even in the darkest times.

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