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The Importance of Communication in a Healthy Relationship

The Importance of Communication in a Healthy Relationship

Have you ever been on the receiving end of the dreaded “silent treatment”? If so, you know how irritating and painful it can be. The silent treatment is one of the worst ways a couple can choose to resolve their problem. Instead of talking things out, they give one another the cold shoulder. This leads to hurt feelings and seems more like a parent-child punishment than relationship communication.

Nobody likes to be ignored by the person they love the most. That’s why it’s so important for couples to learn the importance of relationship communication.

Couples learn a lot about one another when the stop, listen and communicate. Here are 6 benefits of relationship communication and how you can learn to do it in 3 easy steps.

1. Communication Saves Time

Think about the biggest miscommunication you ever had with your spouse or loved one. How much time would you have saved if one of you had just come out and said what you were really feeling? Communicating with your partner saves time and spares feelings. By being open and honest about what’s on your mind you help prevent resentment from growing or allowing an argument to spiral out of control.

The key to saving time is to be concise with the issue at hand. Don’t let your bullet point turn into a myriad of reasons why your spouse annoys you or get distracted by other issues.

2. Improves Sex

Not only is communication good for your marriage, but it’s also good for your sex life! Studies show that couple who talk about their sex life experience greater relationship satisfaction increased orgasm frequency in women, and have greater communication skills in other areas of their marriage.

When your sex life is good it creates a ripple effect of positive benefits in your marriage. For example, couples who share satisfying physical intimacy on a regular basis release more oxytocin in their bodies. This hormone is responsible for bonding, stress relief, and mood elevation.

3. Teaches You Empathy

Empathy is an important part of any relationship. It’s what helps couples understand each other on a deeper level. Some dictionaries even define it as “enter into another’s feelings”. This wording of “entering into” highlights how intensely couples can relate to one another when they have empathy.

When you communicate with your spouse on a regular basis, you learn to see things from their perspective. You have sympathy for them and understand where they are coming from. Knowing how your partner thinks and what triggers them during a disagreement can help you have more positive exchanges in the future.

4. Creates Trust

You may not know it, but when you talk openly with your partner you are creating a powerful bond of trust.
You have a deeper bond with your spouse when you know you can come to them with any problem, thought, or emotion you’re having.

You don’t have to worry about breaking up after having an argument because you know that, even when you’re not getting along, you always have each other’s back.

5. Builds Marital Friendship

When you communicate with your spouse, not only are you learn effective problem-solving skills, but you’re also deepening your marital friendship.

This is highly beneficial for your marriage as research shows couples are happier when they are spending time together as romantic friends, as well as loving partners. The study goes on to say that the “benefits of marriage are much greater for those who also regard their spouse as their best friend.”

6. It’s Good for Your Health

There is no doubt that relationship communication means better health for both you and your spouse. Arguing is stressful. Nobody likes going to bed angry with their partner or feeling nervous about how a spouse is going to react to a certain topic.

When couples know how to openly and honestly communicate with one another, it lowers stress and anxiety in the relationship.

Communicating doesn’t come easy for everybody. Expressing your feelings can be awkward and even uncomfortable at times, especially if you’re broaching a topic that could potentially hurt your spouse’s feelings.

But, with great communication skills comes a satisfying and long-lasting relationship. Here are some easy tips for talking to your partner.

Learn When to let it Go: Not all arguments are important. Part of healthy communication is knowing when to let it go. Don’t keep arguing just for the sake of staying angry with one another.

Use “I” Statements: This may sound like a cheesy tip your therapist might give you, but the truth is that couples who use “I feel” statements get along better than couples who attack each other.

For example, saying “I feel like I’m not getting the help I need right now” is much better than telling your partner, “You’re so lazy, you never help me!” Phrasing your complaint in a way that puts the onus on yourself will help open dialogue and prevent misunderstandings.

Listen Without Interruption: If your spouse is saying something that you find inherently wrong, it can be tempting to interrupt and correct them. But, it’s important to let them have their say. Showing them the respect of listening will help your conversation go a lot smoother.

Relationship communication is an important part of a healthy, thriving marriage. Couples can enhance their communication by learning to listen, let go, using “I” statements, and acknowledging their partner’s feelings. The benefits of communication include an improved sex life, deeper marital friendship, boosted trust and better health.

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