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8 Unexpected Pleasure Zones You Might Be Ignoring

8 Unexpected Pleasure Zones You Might Be Ignoring

The human body’s erogenous zones might seem like a topic worthy of a Cosmo article, but this information matters for several reasons. When we think of erogenous zones, we tend to think of the most commonly known places – lips, nipples, the inner thigh, slightly north of the inner thigh – but here are eight less obvious erogenous zones to start exploring and paying attention to in the bedroom.

*This information is provided by Russian brides from romancecompass.com

Erogenous zones of women

1. Neck. The neck is a quite strong erogenous zone of women. Different parts of the neck bring an uneven degree of pleasure according to the degree of erogeneity. Some girls like kisses on the larynx and under the chin and other – on the neck behind. In addition to this, do not forget about the shoulders, which are also sensitive to caresses. A man shows his intentions and enters the intimate area of a woman by such kisses. She will never allow a stranger to kiss shoulders, only a loved one!

2. Ears. Ears are considered one of the strongest erogenous zones. Kissing and sucking of earlobes cause a strong sexual arousal. In addition, one of the intimate foreplay is a whispering in the ear. Nerve endings that are situated in this area will not leave a girl indifferent.

3. Mouth. The next erogenous zone of many girls is the mouth. It is surprisingly, but it ranks third place in the extent of erogenous sensations. Most of the ladies like kissing and a lot of them are just crazy about it, wonder why? However, the answer is simple. Our mouth is full of nerve receptors that are responsible for certain functions.

4. Breast. The breast is a powerful erogenous zone not only for women but also for men. Even manual contact with breast affects good on women. In most cases, different manipulations are exciting for a woman and for her man.

Erogenous zones of men

1. Neck. The back of the head and the back of the neck is the strongest erogenous zone of many men. Men often close their eyes in pleasure because of a gentle kiss on the neck.

2. Lips and tongue. Often love starts with kisses. There are a huge number of nerve endings on the lips and on the tongue, that are sensitive to the slightest impact. A woman’s and man’s lips are much more sensitive than the facial skin that is considered quite delicate.

3. Back. The spine with a large number of nerve endings excites from the female caresses. Often this area is left without proper attention, but the back has several erogenous zones, such as the sacrum and the interscapular space.

4. Hands. If we are talking about male erogenous zones, a massage of hands seems simple and not worthy of attention. But there is one secret place on the palm between the tubercles under the middle and ring fingers. Innocent stroking and kneading of this zone can cause sexual arousal of men.

Sexual chemistry and attraction doesn’t just happen in the bedroom. As you can see the body is an entire erogenous zone! Simple attention to these areas can build attraction, chemistry and anticipation with your partner before you ever take your clothes off.

Try and find the most active areas on the body of the woman or man you’re dating, from touching, and don’t be afraid to be creative.

*note: Rating the genital organs were intentionally excluded. Usually, people are aware of how to manipulate these erogenous zones for inducing sexual arousal.

Information is provided by: Russian brides from romancecompass.com.

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