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Are Sex Dolls The Right Sex Toys For You?

Are Sex Dolls The Right Sex Toys For You?


There’s no lack of sex toys on the market for both men and women. It doesn’t matter how you want to be stimulated, you can make it happen for yourself. The problem that usually arises is that sex toys feel like sex toys. You have to hold and use them to stimulate yourself. It doesn’t feel like you’re having sex, it feels like you’re masturbating.

The whole point behind doing that is to simulate sex. The more involved sex toys get, the more obvious it becomes that you’re just playing with yourself. That’s where sex dolls come in. These are lifelike dolls that you can climb up on top of or lie underneath to simulate actual sex. They have a huge stigma attached to them, though. In fact, they’re usually the punch line of a joke. That’s because most people think of the inflatable rubber abominations from decades past.

These are often sold in novelty shops for parties. They’re something that no one should ever want to have sex with and they don’t represent anything that you can get your hands on now. Modern sex dolls make great sex toys and here are all of the biggest reasons why.

They Feel Real

Modern sex dolls aren’t made out of rubber. They also don’t inflate. Modern and high quality realistic sex dolls are made out of medically safe elastomers that feel like real skin. They’re covered with them, as well. You’re not just feeling the real thing on the inside. You can caress your doll all you want and feel like you’re touching a real person. You can set them on your sofa or you can position them on your bed. It’s like having an actual person that only exists to provide you with your sexual pleasure.

They’re made for everyone

The next biggest misunderstanding of sex doll is that they’re made for horny men. That’s not even remotely close to the case. Sex dolls come in all sexes and even a few alien ones. You don’t have to be interested in women to get a sex dolls. There are male sex dolls with all of the realistic anatomy that you need. You can spend the night cuddling with your handsome boyfriend or you can find out what it’s like to have sex with green and blue extraterrestrial. It’s up to you to fulfill your fantasies with them.

They’re better than the Real Thing

Getting back to the male sex dolls, most of the realistic dildos on them are larger than the average man. That applies to the female dolls as well. You can find any breast size or vaginal tightness that you can fantasize about. It means that you can have better sex with these dolls than you can have with real people. That’s not something to scoff at. Married men and women can take the time to fully satisfy themselves, even if they have a healthy and happy sex life. It just goes to show you how great these dolls are for you.

Pop Your Cherry

The only real way you’ll understand just how great sex dolls are for you is to try them out. Don’t go by the wrong understanding of what they are or what they do. These sex toys can be more satisfying than anything else on the market. It feels like real sex because you’re actually having sex with them. You’re not using it to manipulate your sex organs. You’re manipulating them with your sex organs. Try one now and you’ll never go back to any other sex toys again.

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