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How to Take Your Date Night to the Next Level

How to Take Your Date Night to the Next Level

We all get nervous and excited at the same time before the big date night. After all, we want our date to enjoy our company and find the whole experience romantic and pleasurable. It’s no wonder then that we all tend to look for different ways to spice things up and take the date to the next level. But in order to do that successfully, you don’t want to go overboard and create an overly needy impression. The golden middle always works the best as long as you know where to focus your efforts. That said, consider the following tips that are bound to make your date night more special and fun.

Dress For The Occasion!

It’s rather easy to get carried away with your choice of clothing for your date night and opt for the fanciest dress and the highest heels you own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but only if you know you’re going to a high-end restaurant for a rather luxe dinner experience.

In case you’re aware that you and your date will hit the local pub or café, or maybe go to the movies, the park or the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy your time together a lot more if you feel comfortable in your clothes, even if you settle for flats or kitten heels. Of course, when you pair your favorite garments well, you’ll still look cute and confident.

Be Open And Listen Well

You don’t have to share your whole life with your date immediately, but keep in mind that forcing yourself to be too mysterious can only hinder the success of your relationship progress. Your date is interested in you and they want to know more about your fun adventures and experiences. After all, this is how you get to find out more about your similar interests.

Aside from being open about yourself, remember to shift the conversation to your date as well, and listen carefully to what they have to say about their own life. In the end, talking and listening are essential for a great conversation and engaging date time.

Go Out Of Your Way To Surprise Them

In case you’re making a romantic dinner at home for your date night, you can use your culinary or mixology skills to spruce things up and surprise your date in a pleasant fashion. After all, the home atmosphere allows for a more intimate approach so that you can prepare your date’s favorite dishes, or maybe even mix up a cocktail with your date’s favorite ingredients by the example of renowned mixology in NYC. Imagine how flattered they would be if you were to come up with a unique cocktail just for them and maybe even name it after them.

Forget About Your Phone

We live in a digital age with all of the Internet at your fingertips thanks to the convenience of smartphones. However, spending time checking your social media during your date is bound to backfire. After all, you have planned this date in order to spend time with each other and maybe take your relationship a step further.

There’s no room for playing with your phone in this equation. It would be best to put your phone in your bag or somewhere you won’t be able to see it and feel tempted to check out the latest news when you should be focusing on your conversation with your date. You want to avoid looking bored and uninterested if your goal is to make a strong connection with the other person.

See The Date Through

It’s only natural that you’ll use your “SOS friend call” card to get out of the date in case you notice some serious red flags. But if you have already met up with your date a couple of times and you know you click well, the fact that you might feel bored at this particular date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance right until the end.

After all, you never know what might be causing the sudden awkwardness. Maybe you both had a bad day or your date could be feeling nervous because of the progress you’re making. If things seem a bit awkward, take the initiative to make things fun again. That way, you’ll see whether the effort was worth it by the end of your evening.

Stay Calm And Positive

The most important thing for a good date is to listen to your instincts. If your gut tells you it’s time for a kiss, feel free to go for it. But if you feel like you should take things slow, don’t hesitate to tell your date exactly that. Talking about it is crucial and much better for your future relationship compared to keeping quiet and then backing out of a kiss or acting all awkward after rejecting it.

Remember, the best way to take your date to the next level is to simply have fun with it. You might not be able to ignore the tingling nervousness in your stomach but that doesn’t mean you can’t roll with it. Chances are your date feels the same.

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