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Crucial Safety Checks Before Boarding Online Love-Cruise

Crucial Safety Checks Before Boarding Online Love-Cruise

All singles aboard the Tinder Titanic!

And well, we all are aware that Titanic hit a gigantic iceberg and sank. Just like our lonely, sensitive hearts that so eagerly jump ship from person to person. Online dating has made the dating game easy. Now, if you say your dating game is strong, it doesn’t mean one, long, healthy relationship. It involves many small happily ending and mutually agreed upon relationships. But before you aboard another love cruise this time, let’s make sure your safety precautions have been taken care of.

Here are 10 safety lifeboats to ensure smooth sailing of your love cruise.

Don’t Use Social Media Links & Pictures On Dating Apps

It may sound absurd, but using backlinks to your social media or using a similar picture as your display elsewhere, makes it easier for the other person to track you down. And you don’t want this. Provide information as vague as possible and don’t be confused about which picture to use on your dating app profile. Use that specific great looking selfie that has no chance of appearing elsewhere.

Allowing another person to know your personal details as soon as he lands your profile is ridiculous. It gives way to much information about you for the first time. As well as, gives way to psycho creeps finding your profile, leading up to disasters even before anything starts.

Do That Extensive Googling

Bring out your inner stalker and get your Google gears ready. Firstly, Google yourself and see what pops up about you. So that you may have a head start as to how much the other person would know about you. If you see anything other than your socials, maybe you need to lower your links to keep those creeps at bay.

Next, Google the other person and see if you find anything relevant. Your relevancy might vary depending upon how bad it is to be unacceptable. Because the next thing you’d not want to see is an issued warning about the person, you are about to go out with. Yikes!

Get A Google Voice Number

Now let’s take your safety precautions up a notch with Google Voice phone number. The app allows you to keep your personal number safe while you avail all the facilities of a regular cellular service. You might think that what’s wrong with using my personal number? The problem is giving a direct connection to someone you don’t know yet.

We can’t possibly place ourselves in the mind of someone who would potentially like to harm us. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And you can always give your number once you feel comfortable afterward.

Don’t Reveal Personal Details Too Soon

You would not want to tell the person all about your family, whereabouts, or why your ex broke up with you, and you can’t get over it, for that matter. Revealing personal details too soon puts you at leverage. You never know what point of your background, would trigger a questionable reaction from the other person.

You don’t want the other person blackmailing you regarding your family or judging you right from the get-go.Usually, opening up should come naturally with the course of the relationship. It shouldn’t be forced or continuously asked for. If you feel the other person is hesitating opening up, reconsider your first approach. Maybe you didn’t let the other person feel comfortable enough. It’s never too late to retrace your steps if there is nothing on the line.

Meet On Cam First

Now let’s move on to a cam meeting before you vibe check in person. Video chatting or FaceTime has become a norm these days. When formal interviews can be conducted through video chat, then getting a date verified is no biggie!

Also, video chatting prior to meeting in-person saves you the awkwardness of sudden personal onset. You won’t need to waste time in making formal small talk or talking over food. Also, you will know what exactly you are getting yourself into without all the anticipation of whether you’re meeting an actual person or an alien.

Share The Deets & Receipts

If you are on this step, then you have a date ready to be attended. But there is an issue just a bit before. You should always make sure to let a friend know about the details of your date. This is an extremely crucial step, solved by answering the following questions for your friend.

• Who you are in talks with
• What kind of a person he/she seems
• Where is the date
• At what time etc.

Basically, you would want to share all the deets with a friend who could help you in case of any emergency.

Drive Yourself Or Take A Cab

So now you know what you are heading into. You’ve assured a friend to be back by midnight. You have taken out your favorite dress. So now, how are you going to get to the venue? We suggest you drive yourself or even better, take a cab.

Don’t forget your safety in the first date excitement. This way, you are claiming your independence as well as not risking the disclosure of your location to the person. It may feel weird that you’ve talked to a person, and yet you are doubtful of trusting the person entirely. But we recommend not compromising on your safety and declining as sweetly as you were asked about sharing the car ride. Save the ‘pick me up at 7’ for a later date where verbal communication is enough for you to control where you guys are headed.

Meet At A Public Place

Confused as to what would be the perfect balance between romantic and casual? Let us give you an idea that is both safe and ticks your custom date options. For the first two to three dates, go to a public place like an evening café, skating rink, movies, cocktail bars, etc. Any place where there could be a crowd to help you in case of emergency is the best choice.

It will give you added opportunities to judge your partner in public. As well as allow your friend to remain in vicinity unseen to help you out. You’ll also feel comfortable given the situation you would like to leave.

Keep The Booze At Bay

If the weather up in your head gets cloudy with a chance of fainting after two drinks, then it is intellectual to keep the booze at bay. After all the points you have read above, it might be clear by now that you are avoiding any vulnerability that puts you at risk.

And alcohol is the biggest of them all. Getting fuzzy and unable to comprehend your surroundings gives your partner a chance to lure you in something you would regret afterward. So it is better to call fake shots even before the date starts.

Keep The Pepper Spray Your Dad Bought You

Lastly, as much as you would have hated that your dad got you pepper spray for your 18th birthday… And you must have even swung it into the bin right away. But it’s time you find it and keep it in your bag. Because no matter how careful you are, your Bumblebee can sting!

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