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Find Out Your Dating Personality Type?

Find Out Your Dating Personality Type?

Take the quiz to learn which personality style you are.

The way that you date greatly affects the types of relationships that you will have. No matter how different human beings are, the conditioning that men and women receive around the world, greatly affects the way that they believe dating should go. The dating world is rife with patterns. Mostly due to the fact that dated was created and has overtime evolved in the minds of many through romanticism.

No matter how you try, the way that you date is largely due to what you were exposed to in film, movies, television, and literature. The conditioning of the culture in which you were exposed to creates common patterns of behavior in dating amongst men and women. Personality types are developed by analyzing these patterns and are a great way to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

What are the dating types?

Single men and woman fall into four types of dating personality types known as Dreamers, Acceptors, Advancers, and Realest. Each personality embodies specific values that are the leading factors in how they choose a partner. When deciding whether to go on a date with someone, and what to do on that date, each personality style approaches the process differently based on what they care about the most.

The Dreamer

Described as romantic and thoughtful, if you are a Dreamer your priorities are reputation and comfort. Dreamers are the most common dating personality type, as uncovered by The Dating Truth. The majority of men and women are Dreamers because of their deep belief in romance and their need for comfort. This means that while most singles want to be swept off of their feet in a whirlwind romance, they also don’t want to get hurt.

Dreamers believe in the fairytale. They are the most likely to say, “I will know the one, when I see them.” They also tend to believe in love at first site. They would like to have their relationships be romantic and similar to what you might find in the movies but they also value comfort, and familiarity. They would rather be in a long-term relationship with someone they know and trust than to date around and test the markets.

Dreamers also prioritize reputation. Due to their belief in the fairytale and their desire for romance, Dreamers are less likely to stray from their “type” or their “lists”. They have a vision of who they want to date, and how the courtship will go, and they are often disappointed when situations don’t go along to plan.

The majority of singles are Dreamers. This is no surprise as most singles tend to rely too much on their vision of their partner instead of their feelings. They tend to be more in their fantasy in their minds, than the reality in the heart.

The Acceptor

Described as easy going and non – judgmental, if you are an Acceptor your priorities are safety and connection. Acceptors are the most rare dating personality type. In fact, these people are less likely to date at all.

Not because they are not interested in dating but because they don’t have expectations of themselves or others when it comes to dating. The Acceptor personality type is likely to have less dating experience than other types simply because they have not made dating a priority. They value connection, and are always seeking someone with which they can open up to and express themselves to.

Due to their easygoing nature they can easily come across as not interested or aloof but the Acceptor dating personality type is clear on what they want in a partner, but they lack a real desire to date. They are content on their own and focused on their own goals but are open to dating when they meet the right person.

The Advancer

Described as fun loving and a go getter, if you are an Advancer your priorities are pleasure and adventure. You don’t wait for love to come to you, it’s more likely that you will go after it. As someone who doesn’t wait to be chosen, the Advancer pursues anyone they find interesting or attractive. A classic go-getter, the Advancer dating personality is someone who doesn’t like to be tied town at any time.

They are charming and friendly, and can find connection with many people. They are pleasure seekers and more likely to be comfortable with short term relationships over long term commitments. The Advancer knows how to work a room, and is more likely to connect with someone who is easy going and also likes to have fun. They are more concerned with pursuing a good time, with a good person who they have good rapport with, than finding a lifelong partner.

The Advancer is likely to meet their paramours in an interesting way. They date often for the fun of getting to know someone new.

The Realist

Described as simple and down to earth, the Realist dating personality prioritizes practicality and security. Not one to care about superficial attributes the Realist personality is at times harsh and judgmental. They prefer to know that they are on the same page with their date and that they want the same things when it comes to a relationship. A Realist personality is most likely to say, “ I don’t want to waste my time.”

The Realist isn’t engulfed by the fairytale of dating and is most likely to meet their partner through a friend or their network. They enjoy a simple date where they can get to know the other person before making a decision to move things further. The Realist personality is focused on practical connection and likes to date those who are neither too eccentric or too material.

A Realist isn’t impressed easily and often sensitive to other people’s behavior. They are the most likely personality to feel slighted or rejected by situations out of their control. Unimpressed by dating they can tend to be pessimistic, the Realest personality is interested in getting to know someone to determine compatibility.

Take the quiz to learn which personality style you are. Take the quiz.


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