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Get Anyone To Agree To A Date In 2 Steps

Get Anyone To Agree To A Date In 2 Steps

Do you ever wish you had a secret formula to get anyone to agree to a date?

Are you sick of facing rejection when you know you could show your date an amazing time? In this video I tell you the two-step formula for getting someone to agree to a date.


First, you have to make the expectation low. Answer the why? If you clearly explain what the person is expected to do and why you want them to do it they will agree to do it with you.

For example: Your friend cancelled last minute and you need someone to attend a concert with you.
Make it easy for them to say yes by clearly outlining the expectations and scenario.

Next, make the date fun. Don’t ask someone to coffee, dinner or a play if that’s not what they’re into. Maybe they like doing all of those things but don’t want to do them with you.

Create a date that is so awesome that they can’t say no.

This might take doing your homework to find out what they find impressive. Maybe exclusive reservations, concert tickets, box seats at a football game or a fancy party? Whatever your style, make it an offer that they literally cant’ refuse.

Don’t worry that they’re just saying yes because it’s floor seats to a Knicks game and not a fun night with you. Be confident that you will have so much fun together they will agree to go out with you again.

Don’t let your ego get in the way.

A yes, is a yes, so what if you had to sweeten the deal a little bit.
The idea is that no one should reject you before they know you but it happens. Create a date that is fun, unique and has low expectations. Once they spend time with you, they’ll see how awesome you are and I’m sure it will lead to many more dates.

Don’t be afraid to go big or go home and plan an amazing date they can’t refuse.

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