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How To Create Irresistible Attraction On The First Date

How To Create Irresistible Attraction On The First Date

Warning: This Advice Is Very Controversial!

For as long as I can remember dating experts have cautioned against going to the movies on the first date. I am here to contest that advice.

In this video I explain how going to the movies on a first date can stimulant your date and make them feel more attracted to you.

Studies have shown that if you share an emotional experience with someone else, it creates a bond that increases how much they like you. David J Leiberman writes in his book: Get Anyone To Do Anything

The first tactic for getting someone to find you irresistibly attractive is to engage in an activity where emotional arousal is high.

This single tactic will be responsible for getting you more dates than any outfit or high-powered job ever will.
It’s a foundation of human behavior that when our body produces adrenaline feelings of attraction to those present and sexual desire often result.

Adrenaline produced through any state of heightened arousal, generates and intensifies passionate feelings. Anytime a person is aroused such as with scary movies, their arousal will impart be attributed to whomever they’re with.

Not unlike how trauma brings people together, a scary or action movie can increase attachment between the people sharing the experience. Movies are meant to affect our emotional state. The release of adrenaline as well as other chemical stimulants can intensify attraction.

When you share this experience with someone on a first date they’re more likely to agree to a second date because they feel more attached and attracted to you, having encountered intense emotions with you.

Physical attraction is critical in relationships. If you’re worried about having physical chemistry with your date, I recommend going to the movies, seeing something action packed or preferably scary or thrilling.

Don’t worry about being able to have a conversation, they won’t tell you much about themselves anyway because we are all guarded on first dates. Just focus on creating a connection and having fun! If you don’t have fun together the relationship won’t last anyway.

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