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How To Ask a Girl Out Online And Never Get Cancelled On

You finally decide to use online dating. You match with a girl. Awesome. You open the conversation and to your surprise she engages and even better, she agrees to go out with you. You’re pumped.

Before you get too excited about her accepting a date, understand that getting a yes is the easy part.

Women want to say yes to men.

Why? Men should be leaders. Men should be easy to say yes to because women believe they have their best interest at heart. Women also want to say yes to the possibility of not being single anymore.

Once you match with a girl online, you automatically have a chance with here. She’s not out of your league, too good to be true or playing games. She has opened the door for you to win her over, but this is when most men f*ck it up.

So here is how not to.

Avoid data seeking questions.

These are the type of questions that give you straight forward information. Questions like: where are you from, where do you live, what do you do?

These questions are ok, but you can save them for the date if you’re really interested in details. The point of your line of questioning in the beginning should be to build excitement and curiosity. It can be done in a four step process.

1. Compliment her profile.
2. Ask what she’s looking forward to tomorrow, or this week.
3.  Ask a recommendation of her favorite place, or type of food.
4. Tell her you should check it out together, and make a date.


What happens next, is where most dates usually fall apart. Which is nothing…

If you want a woman to be dreaming about meeting you once you’ve matched online, you have to make it a point to build rapport with her and increase her investment.

Women cancel dates because they are not invested or it seems like too much investment. The solution is to either make the investment low, which is risky because she could still cancel or you increase her investment, willingly.

Emotionally Invest

Share something with your potential date that seems intimate or private.

Financially Invest

Tell her you’ve made reservations at the restaurant. Although you haven’t paid yet, it shows initiative and the intention to pay.

Socially Invest

Tell her you showed your friends her photo and they all agree that she is hot!! Or mention that your friends are jealous because you have a hot date with a beautiful girl.

The final key to never getting cancelled on, is to move quickly. One-third of people who have used online dating have never actually gone on a date with someone they met on these sites. according to Pew Research.

So once you get a yes, do your best to go on the date as soon as possible.

Of course schedules don’t always allow this. If that is the case, and the date is delayed more than a few days after confirmation, go through the same cycle of emotional, financial, and social investment by; sharing something personal, sending her a pic of you in shirt captioned just got this for the date (that doesn’t have to be true, you can confess to is later), and updating her with pics of you with your friends this time.

So if this works so well, why don’t more men do it. They’re afraid. The cool thing in dating is to do nothing, but true players don’t operate that way. If you want to have the power in dating you have to dominate the process from start to finish.

If you leave it up to luck, then even after you think you’re building rapport, a woman will still cancel on you.

It’s likely been the case already. Leaving you to wonder why? Well the truth is, because you didn’t have a plan in place to actually make the date happen. You just assumed that word was bond but it’s not.

Online dating is a fantasy world, where nothing really matters until you meet in real life. That’s how people get catfished. If you want to make sure your date follows through then you have to lead the way and create the investment.

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