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How To Attract Better Dates With Your Thoughts

How To Attract Better Dates With Your Thoughts

What you think affects what you get.

Do you ever feel like you never meet the right people? Regardless of how many potential dates you come across or how many places you go to position yourself around the right crowds, somehow you ALWAYS attract the wrong types? What could you be doing wrong?

First, you must understand that the situation is within your control. It might not feel like it but who you attract is largely based on what you believe about yourself.

The potential dates that you meet are a reflection of your inner self-image. Although many accept that opposites attract, the truth is that like attracts like.

You must be the kind of person that you want to attract.

So do millionaires only attract millionaires and models only attract models? Of course not! But millionaires attract those who value what they value and models attract those whose attitudes mirror their attitudes.

The reason more singles don’t attract higher quality dates is because they hold negative views of single people. As ironic as it might sound many singles understand that their own single status is accidental or erroneous yet they accept that others are single because they’re losers.

Admit it, how many times have you thought, “There are no good men/ women out there.”

Or, “There are no quality women/men to meet?”

This thought alone is going to attract those who are less than what you’re looking for because that’s all you believe is out there. You set yourself up for failure when you believe ‘all the good men and women are taken’.

So how can you begin to attract the highest quality singles?

  • Always dress to a high standard.
  • Never believe in a shortage of great potential dates
  • Stay positive, no matter what!
  • Speak it into existence.

While the advice might sound general, most singles don’t acknowledge the small ways they sabotage their success by holding onto limiting beliefs. The possibility of meeting a great person exists 100% every time you leave your home. In fact, it’s when we’re trying our best to be incognito or invisible that we cross paths with possible matches.

To avoid missing opportunities to connect follow the aforementioned steps religiously.

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