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How to Build a Stronger Relationship with Mindfulness

How to Build a Stronger Relationship with Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Is it something that must be accompanied by yoga and stretching, and can it really make your relationship better?

The short answer is yes, especially when mindfulness is coupled with taking a marriage course online. Put together, these two actions can help you strengthen your marriage and improve your connection to your spouse for a lifetime. Being mindful is the state of being aware or conscious of something. For example, you can meditate on your personal growth and qualities you would like to improve upon.

You can also meditate on scriptures, goals, and patience. This acts as a sort of therapeutic technique that can help you acknowledge and accept your feelings and enhance your romantic life. When your relationship is resilient it means you’re ready for anything. You can recover from adversity and move on stronger and better than ever.

Being mindful isn’t easy, but it is definitely worth it. Here are 6 benefits of being mindful in your relationship.


Have you ever tried to carry on an important conversation with your spouse while they were nose-deep in some form of the smart device? To say it is frustrating not to have someone’s undivided attention when you’re trying to communicate would be an understatement. It’s easy to be distracted in today’s world. We have the ability to watch TV on the go and take our work home with us. Not to mention our use of cellphones in bed and social media being a thumb-tap away.

By mindfully meditating, you pull yourself away from the outside world and take the time to focus on the things that really matter.

When you redirect stray thoughts, you open yourself up to living in the moment and truly experiencing life. This will help you be more present in your romantic relationship. In turn, giving your full attention to your spouse will make them feel loved and validated.


Stress is a major culprit in unhappy marriages. It can cause partners to lose sleep and take their frustrations out on one another. There is good news for those suffering from stress and anxiety – mindfulness can help!
Research shows that practicing mindful meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve symptoms of depression, and boost mental health and positive emotions.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Happy wife, happy life”? This simple rhyme means that when you feel good, you spread your sunshine around in your relationship, regardless of whether you are a husband or a wife. The happier you are, the better you treat those around you.


As you will learn when you take a marriage course online, communication is about so much more than just talking to each other. It involves learning how to listen to what your spouse is really saying. It may be tempting to interrupt your spouse when they are talking, especially if you don’t agree with what they are saying, but don’t. Practice mindfulness and pay attention to your breaths.

By being mindful and allowing your partner to finish their thoughts before you respond will help you avoid saying things you regret. Letting your spouse speak also shows that you respect their point of view and are trying to understand them better.


Self-examination is essential to personal growth. By meditating on your personal qualities, you will strengthen your marriage. For example, would you say that you are an approachable partner? You may say yes, but after some mindful meditation, you may be surprised at the true answer.

A healthy relationship is all about back and forth communication, honesty, and trust. If you are unapproachable or tend to overreact to things, your partner will not feel comfortable enough to come to you with important topics. When such things go unsaid, they can damage a relationship and cause resentment to build. When you meditate on your relationship there will be many thoughts and feelings that arise. Learn to embrace them and see them as little pieces of yourself. By allowing your thoughts to linger and by mindfully meditating on them, you will get to know yourself better. You may even develop a friendship with yourself.

During your mindful meditation, you may think about reasons to be grateful for your partner or you may focus in on something they said or did recently that hurt your feelings. Even if you’d prefer to focus on the positive, it’s important to stick with whatever topic arises in your mind.


Mindfulness encourages us to be more empathetic in our lives. It does this by changing the insula, which is the part of the brain responsible for compassion and empathy. This can help us be more open-minded about our partner’s emotions and approach their issues with a calm desire to fix the problem at hand.


Meditating as a couple is a great way to start or end your day together. It’s a way to center yourselves, bond, and give your relationship the attention that it needs. By meditating together, you also build a sense of structure in your marriage.
When you meditate daily, you create a routine that you share as a couple. This connects you on a deeper level. It also helps you stay accountable to your partner about caring for your marriage.

Getting professional support by taking a marriage course online can help you further your efforts to work as a team. These courses teach you the importance of cooperation and unity in a relationship.

Don’t let the anxieties of life tear down your love. When you practice mindfulness, you train yourself to be a kinder, more loving and patient spouse. Coupled with taking a marriage course online, you and your partner can strengthen your relationship so that nothing can stand in your way of happiness.

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