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How To Get More People To Like You

How To Get More People To Like You

Perception creates reality.

This isn’t just a catchy phrase. In this video I explain to men the perils of sending the wrong message in dating. This also applies to women. If you want more people to like you and continue to date you, past a first meeting, then you must claim your POWER!

There are many ways men and women lose their power in dating. Some just give it away. Others fail to claim it in the first place. We lose power in dating when we immediately try to gain the other person’s approval.

Keys To This Video:

Remove Expectations 

Don’t think of this as deception but your expectations could be a turn-off to those you want to date.

If someone believes that you want something from them that you aren’t prepared to give then they will distance themselves from you.

If a man believes you want commitment he will avoid dating you. And if a woman believes a man wants sex, attention, physical touch etc then she will avoid him if she isn’t prepared or willing to meet his perceived demands.

Limit Your Time

Nothing sets you up for more failure in dating then giving your free time away. Time is a commodity. If you want to be powerful in dating make your time precious by limiting it.

Don’t oversaturate the market by being too available to the other person.

The truth is, we often make time for the people we like because being with them feels good. Recognize that just because it feels good to you doesn’t mean it feels as good to them.

By limiting your time together you allow them to miss you, think about you when you’re not around and evaluate how they feel about you which can strengthen your bond.

Express Yourself

Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you like them or that you’re interested in them. Be upfront and honest about your feelings so you aren’t sending the wrong message.

Reward favors the bold.

Don’t be afraid that if you say or do the wrong thing you will lose the relationship.The truth is you probably will lose it because it just wasn’t meant to be. Avoiding tough subjects doesn’t make a relationship last longer, it only delays the inevitable.

If you are afraid at any point in your relationship then you have given away your power. Your potential partner will get the sense that you’re insecure and it will be a turn off.

This video is insight on controlling your love life and what your potential date thinks about you.

Enjoy and share!

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