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How to Use Herpes Dating Sites To The Fullest

How to Use Herpes Dating Sites To The Fullest

There is a site for everyone.

This dating site that I came across the other day is called HSVDating.biz.

It’s a great way to bring together people of a kind. The world casts out certain people and treats them differently. And although harsh, there is nothing we can do to change the way some people see things. It’s cruel and unfair. But how many people’s minds can we change? This dating app is for those who feel like their dating life has come to a standstill because of certain health problems they developed over time, or mistakes that they made in the past. In my opinion, it’s a great initiative they’re taking to promote dating for these individuals and giving their dating habits a new lease of life.

HSVDating.biz claims to be the world’s best and largest dating site for individuals with Herpes (HSV 1&2).

They provide up-to-date trustworthy and aloud information about HSV and what dating is like when you have Herpes. If you’ve been diagnosed with Herpes, you might tend to break down initially, thinking that your social and saying life has been completely destroyed because of one health problem.

And it is true that there are people who would try to make you think like that too. But it is your responsibility towards yourself to not pay heed to what they say. To get back up and live in the world like any other individual.

Surveys show that over 60 million citizens living in the United States of America have genital diseases like Herpes. The number expands vastly when we look outside America, into the worldwide count of people living with genital and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is a staggering number of 400 million. So you are definitely not alone in this.

The website aims to connect these people with their perfect matches. They are exclusively for people with herpes so that they can find their significant other and live a lovely, happy life of colourful and herpes dating.

I have taken a look into the website and my first impressions are such:-

  • The website has a simple, to-the-point approach and does not beat around the bush or talk ambiguously about what they aim to do.
  • They have a signup page that asks for your profile- what your age is, sexual orientation, sexual preference, what disease you’re living with, the country you belong in and your state/province.
  • They then sign you up and show you other profiles of potential matches. You can choose to chat with them if you wish. You can sign in and check on your matches whenever you have time.
  • There are two kinds of memberships- Standard and Premium. Standard and Premium members can chat with each other without the bar. But this is as long as the chat is initiated by a Premium member. Standard members cannot send the first text to a Premium member.
  • There’s a feature called the Private Album which enables you to share photos to an album that can only be viewed by people that you choose. Public photos can be viewed by all members unless you change your privacy settings.
  • They are available on platforms like a computer screen or a mobile phone. They have a website as well as a mobile application.
  • Premium members have to subscribe to the platform and pay a monthly fee to keep using Premium features. The subscriptions of 3 or 6-month durations will not be renewed automatically.

All in all, this app is a new concept and I would say, it’s doing a great job bringing all kinds of people together! They still need some fixes here and there, like the design of the page and app interface. But considering as an overall idea, this app is doing great!


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