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How to Write The Perfect Love Letter For That Special Someone

How to Write The Perfect Love Letter For That Special Someone

Love letters are old-fashioned? Rubbish! Just because we are somewhat past the age of envelope and stamp, that doesn’t mean that the love letter is a long-gone concept – in fact, it could be the key to securing your sweetheart, and making that special someone realize just how special they are.

In fact, the modern age just gives you plenty of options with how to send your love letter: email, text message, social media… the list goes on and on. So, with so many ways to communicate your love letter, why wouldn’t you craft one lovingly for your chosen recipient? There’s one simple reason: nobody knows how. You don’t want to make a mistake and put all of that effort to waste.

So, here’s an article which will lead you to creating a perfect love letter, so that no avoidable mistakes will be made and your letter will be as impactful as possible.


Of course, you must start all letters with a greeting, but this isn’t a complaint to your local supermarket chain, this is a love letter. There should be no ‘dear sir/madam’ obviously, but also don’t just use their name, and definitely don’t include the last name if you do go down that path. This is personal – this is close to poetry. It’s not a bill, or a bank statement.

The absolute best greeting will integrate a pet name, either that you already use or even a new one that you want to introduce in order to further the sparks of romance, which makes the letter intimate and introduces the tone very quickly. This is amorous and possibly one of the most passionate pieces of writing you will ever create, so a good greeting is a brilliant way to set yourself off on the path for love and that romantic mood.


Your first couple of sentences should be quite direct, not too flowery, just explaining why you actually decided to write this letter. Maybe you’ve admired them quietly for a while, and now want to proceed with the relationship. Maybe you’ve shared a few drinks and now want to compliment them due to your better understanding of their personality and how they tick.

Maybe you saw something in your day-to-day life which reminded you of them, and that made you want to write the letter. Explain this to your love in the first couple of sentences, and you should be on your way to writing an excellent love letter, since the recipient will be flattered and maybe surprised that you were thinking about them enough to warrant writing a whole letter about them.

In any case, it stops them getting lost in the lovey-dovey details and establishes the point of your letter before anything else goes on.


After you’ve told your sweetheart why you’re writing this letter, you can get into the actual heart-melting content of the letter. This is where you let your heart reign free, and do whatever it wants. In a metaphorical way, bleed your heart out onto the paper, and write whatever you need to in order to get your feelings across. Does your love make you happy every time you see them?

Do they do little things and have quirks which you notice and which make you smile? Whatever it is, tell them. Get it all out in the body of this letter, since you probably don’t get chance to lavish attention and details on them in your day-to-day lives. This is a perfect opportunity to say anything and everything, and not get interrupted by life and the outside world.


There is nothing quite as romantic as looking back on old memories with rose-tinted glasses, so to speak, and your love will certainly know this too. Include a few old stories within your letter, such as when you first met and some of your first ‘dates’ or even just experiences that you’ve shared together.

Recall the stories and give your version of events, since your love interest will have likely never considered your side of the experiences. Give comments, and make jokes within your story so that it doesn’t seem too heavy and forced. Make sure your personal voice shines through, and make sure that it is genuine and beautiful, because that’s what the recipient will value above all else.


Since you’ve gone through all this effort, now is not the time to skimp on the romantic notions. Don’t just sign off with your name and a kiss – and definitely don’t put something like ‘yours sincerely’.

Good ideas are ‘with all my love’ or ‘loving you forever and always’ or even ‘thinking of you’ as a simple one for not fully developed romances. If it’s a physical letter, you can add a nice personal touch by spraying it with your cologne or aftershave – maybe not just deodorant! – and putting it in a pretty envelope. If not, just click send and wait for the magic to happen.

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