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Signs That Your Man Is in Love With You

Signs That Your Man Is in Love With You

While it can be frustrating to know whether a guy fancies you or not, scientists have discerned several notable cues that can serve as big hints of “yes.” Provided below are several of these very cues that will show if a man is in love with you.

He Seems Preoccupied with the Future

If he regularly asks about things involving long-term planning, like a move or having children, these questions may be based on a need to assess your aspirations rather than admit he wants those specific things to happen. When partners press for an answer to such questions, it is a good sign that they are considering investing in you for the long term.

You Are Always Given Priority

Think back to your last couple of exchanges. How frequently did he ask for your preferred restaurant? How often has he offered to make an entire trip just because you mentioned you could really go for some Pringles? These are just examples of compassionate love, minor acts of selfish compassion that indicate your man would do nearly anything for you.

There Is Lots of Eye Contact

If romance is truly in the air, science indicates that his eyes are going to want to focus on your face, if not just your eyes. If he is more concerned with the carnal, chances are high that he is focusing more of his attention on your body.

He Is Not Just An Open Book But One Whose Pages Keep Falling Out

Intimacy is more than just sex and also covers an openness to sharing your vulnerabilities with another. If he is already telling you about his greatest dreams and dreads, then you two are already on pretty good terms.

He Seems More Optimistic

One study of couples found that the pairs who reported a great deal of happiness and stability tended to avoid defaulting to the worst possible outcome as often as possible. If your partner has been surprisingly optimistic as of late, it is probably because the notion of sharing his future with you instills him with confidence and comfort.

He Refers To The Pair of You As “We”

Couples with a strong bond tend to think as a unit rather than as their individual members. When things reach a happy point, you may pick up on how often “[your name] and I” turns into “we” when talking about doing things or explaining what you do together to other people. The moment he starts referring to the pair of you as a singular “we” is a very good sign. A good relationship is like smooth music where the drums and guitar flow together as if it was meant to be.

He Has Given Up On Self-Cleaning

While it is certainly frustrating when a partner gives up on collecting his dishes or leaves his jacket and boots where he removes them, this inconvenience actually has some positive connotations.

People always strive to present their best selves when they begin a relationship but this facade eventually wears away with time. A partner who suddenly “gives up” on such conscientious habits or even takes certain medications with you in view may feel comfortable enough to let you see their true nature.

You Already Love Him

One Spanish study discovered that women tend to suffer unrequited love far less often than men. This logic means that if you feel really good about being in your guy’s company, he likely feels just as good about you. Theorizing about why this may yield a few different takes.

  1. Women are a lot more discerning when it comes to who they choose who to give their heart to.
  2. Men are more likely to claim that they are in love when it is not truly a mutual feeling; possibly in the hope of wishing it true.

So if you find yourself wondering if he feels as good about you as you feel about him and you notice that he does some of the other positive cues mentioned in this article, then you chances are pretty high that he loves you.

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