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Stop Waiting for Someone To Tell You You’re Awesome

You were born to be amazing.

If you’ve ever watched someone baby talk a baby, they’re constantly gushing about how perfectly cute the baby is. It’s little hands, mouth, ears, eyes and toes are precious and affirmed by anyone it comes it contact with.

Well, we were once all babies and this happened to us.

In fact, there was a time when our world was filled with nothing but compliments and then things changed. Instead of the people around us celebrating our cuteness, the only qualities that were ever mentioned were the bad ones.

All of sudden it’s a chorus of what we do wrong, what we’re like and how close we are to becoming like someone we shouldn’t become i.e. our older sibling, our failed uncle, or that degenerate teen on the news.

We start out life so perfect it’s disgusting but then something happens that we can’t explain and we develop flaws.

Not just tiny cracks in our character but irrefutable personality defects, we call this adolescence. As adults we recognize that we can’t go back to being the perfect baby we started out as but we can’t stay the teenager, although many try.

What I’ve found to be healing and life-changing is realizing that I AM awesome, not because anyone said so but because I AM. Fact.

I used to be under the impression that if someone wanted you to know something they would tell you. Because criticism is always vocalized, its assumed that praise will be too but its not. Stop waiting for someone to tell you that you’re awesome. Even if they think you are, many are likely to assume that you know. Some might assume that you’re so awesome you no longer need validation.

Just accept that it’s true and stop waiting for someone to co-sign your worth in order to feel worthy.

We all wait, as adults, to be loved, recognized or given the same accolades for just existing we were given at birth.

How did you go from being a miracle to a miscreant? You were born a bundle of joy but transformed into a world of trouble.

But that isn’t the end of your story. The end is not about what you were told you were or by whom, the end is what you’ve decided to become, now that the choice is absolutely yours. I decided to be awesome, in thoughts and in action.

And the moment I stopped waiting for someone else to tell me I was awesome is the moment I knew I was also a success.

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