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What Men Really Think About Women’s Nails

Have you ever wondered what men really think about women’s nails? Whether you’re a woman who gets her nails done weekly or a woman who has never stepped foot in a nail salon, you have probably wondered if men even notice whether a hand is manicured or not.

We are going to dive into what men think about women’s nails, how important it is to them, and what you should be paying attention to as a woman when it comes to grooming and maintaining the state of your natural nails.

When it comes to being low or high maintenance, what type of man is he?

Just like women, it’s true that some men are more high maintenance than others. While, arguably, most men on average don’t prioritize their fashion, outward appearance, or the appearance of the women they are dating, some men do.

Some men, such as the ones who enjoy the helpful information in publications such as The Q Man, search for the tools that are necessary to help them live and look better. It’s safe to say these types of men are “higher maintenance” and will more than likely be searching for a partner who takes more time on self-maintenance as well by getting acrylic or gel polish applied at a nail salon regularly.

On the other hand, “low maintenance” men aren’t going to prioritize their appearance, what they wear, and their partner’s outward appearance to the world.

These types of men would be more than comfortable having a partner that doesn’t make the state of their nails a priority in their life. It’s safe to say they most likely don’t even notice whether or not their partner has a full set of acrylic nails on. They wouldn’t mind a natural nail look or even a hand that’s completely lacking nail polish.

What type of nails are you comfortable with for your lifestyle?

The type of nails you have has a lot to do with your lifestyle. If you’re a mom of four, it’s not likely you’re going to want to rock a full set of long acrylics on a daily basis. It would definitely make diaper changing, and child care in general, a huge challenge.

If your lifestyle or job isn’t so hands-on, you will probably feel more comfortable taking regular trips to the nail technician for a new set of gel nails or even a full set of long acrylics.

Before you consider what men think about the state of your nails, try to think about your own lifestyle and how it could be affected by a regular manicure at the salon.

Everyone feels differently about nail maintenance

It’s true that while some people think having your nails done is an absolute must, others have never prioritized the process of getting a manicure in their life. From a professional standpoint, many jobs prefer women to have more natural-looking, healthy nails that aren’t too flashy with color or length.

Nails that are too long and decorated extravagantly can be off-putting in some settings and are better suited for going on a night out with the girls or on vacation to a beach resort.

Whether you have realized it or not, the way you do your nails can make a big difference in the way you’re viewed by others in the world. Long nails with crazy colors are becoming more of the norm today due to tutorials and photos on social media, as well as all the advances that have been made in nail technology over the years.

That doesn’t mean that natural-looking nails are out of style. In fact, depending on your lifestyle, natural nails could be just as beneficial as manicured ones when it comes to certain areas in life.

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