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The Best Places To Meet Someone

Studies have shown that when you meet someone new their mood affects how they feel about you. This is why it’s incredibly important to meet potential dates in environments that are positive and stimulating. In this video I give you suggestions on where to meet the right people and when.

You want to avoid approaching potential dates in places where their emotional state can be negatively altered. Sometimes when we face rejection it’s because we are in a negative environment. If you were to have that same exchange in a grocery store or at a farmer’s market where the environment is more uplifting you would get a different response.


Anywhere someone is engaged in physical activity is a great place to make an introduction. Exercise releases endorphins, which elevate our mood. This person will be feeling great and associate their positive feelings with you.


Shopping makes people feel good because it’s time spent on ourselves. Its often a way we reward ourselves for making enough money to buy nice things. When you approach a potential date when they’re shopping they’ll be in a great mood and more receptive to your advances.

Meeting potential dates is best done in places where the stimulants are positive. Anywhere people go expecting to enjoy themselves is where you should intend on meeting the right person for you. Fairs, festivals, concerts, parks, gyms, wine tastings, etc. are just a few examples of positive environments conducive in dating.

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