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Tips For Men: How to Have A Prostate Orgasm

Tips For Men: How to Have A Prostate Orgasm

Have you heard of the P-spot? The P doesn’t stand for pleasure but for the ‘prostate’The stimulation of the prostate provides a knee-numbing pleasure that is irresistible. As such it is one area that needs to be harnessed when it comes to intimate activities for satisfaction.

The prostate which can be seen as the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot is situated at the base of the penis below the bladder, and can be stimulated to evoke unimaginable pleasure. The truth is when the prostate is massaged a man can experience multiple highly powerful and long lasting orgasms with intense ejaculation. To master this act, this article is here to help you with a prostate orgasm tips and tricks on how to master it.

Prostate Orgasm Tips And Tricks

Use a lubricant:

This is one of the prostate orgasm tips if you really want to master the act. For prostate orgasm you need to get your partner aroused first. This is because stimulation helps to make the prostate fill up and become larger. So you need to lather up your finger with some lube. Again remember to get your nails trimmed and cleaned in case you will need some anal fun. You can then get to work with arousing of the prostate with ample application of the lube. It will be a lot easier to find and feel more pleasure, which is the desired result.

Use This Stroke Trick: 

This is one of the prostate orgasm tips you can use to master this act. Once the prostate gland is located, then the stroke trick can be applied just like when the G-spot of the female is located. You will try the come hither motion with your fingertip but to avoid scratching, it is better to use the pad of the finger, then begin to stroke to avoid poking. You continue this way in a slow steady rhythm but in a firm way for more pressure.

You can begin to even vary the tempo until you get the right combination that works better. Just start in a lighter way and keep adding pressure, still there’s build of orgasmic pleasure while the prostate swell ready for explosion.

Try Tapping Tips:

This is one of the popular prostate orgasm tips that you need to know. It works like magic if you master it and use it correctly. This is about starting off with pressure like when pressing a keyboard. You can either start faster or slower depending on how your partner needs it, you can be asking your partner how the feeling is as you tap away to ascertain if it is better or not.

You can achieve this by having your two fingers on the P-spot and then you tap them together or better still, alternate them like you are on a piano. Keep at it still there’s an orgasmic build up and allow the prostate to quiver until your partner ejaculates in a thunderous orgasm.

Try the Pulsing Technique:

One of the best prostate orgasm tips out there you need to know about is learning how to pulse to increase your partner’s pleasure.  You know stillness of the prostate can also elicit incredible pleasure making a partner be overwhelmed with pleasure that multiple orgasms are sure.

This tip is all about keeping a constant pressure with no movement; you can also do the gentle pulsing pressure but still keeping contact. You never can tell how blissful it can be for your partner. So keep at it while the muscles of the pelvis contract and elicit unimaginable pleasure for powerful ejaculation.

Using Big Circles:

You should try this prostate orgasm tip that is popularly used for volcanic prostate orgasms. The truth is that you can do big circles across the whole prostate. You can either make little circles on the prostate at a spot or move around it multiple times.

But the most important thing is having a steady rhythm. If you are a music lover, then well and good, you can put on some music that has a strong bass or beat to enable you keep up the pace. So when you feel some fluttering on your finger, keep at it because you are on the right track; continue until your partner goes through all the ecstasies to orgasm.

How to Hold the Prostrate: 

This is one of the prostate orgasm tips you need to imbibe, it will get your partner moaning and screaming in ecstasy as you work on his P-spot. This like tapping the prostate and holding for a split second before another tap and this will be done continuously to build up orgasmic thrills till the receiver bursts out in orgasm. This tip works well if a partner can be aroused to a point that the prostate swells and with more time of holding it will bring continued orgasms that might make the body shudder.

Apply the Milking Trick:

One of the best prostate orgasm tips to use, milking the prostate is all about massaging the prostate till fluid emanates from it. The fluid that flows out is milky hence the name. As you keep milking, it will take one to a great level of bliss that becomes uncontrollable and this shows that orgasm is building up and drawing closer. With intense pressure which will lead to intense pleasure and  orgasm will be achieved.


The fact is that anal or oral play to reach and stimulate the p-spot might not be liked by everyone but if you are willing to have the bliss and thrills associated with it then you should try it out with the above listed prostate orgasm tips. After all, a full body orgasm isn’t a bad idea at all and can actually pay off if done correctly. So you can go down with the above tips and spice up your intimate life.

You can use anything that tickles your fancy to get the kind of ecstasies that you desire with your body. So find your reference now from the tips listed and get up your intimate vibes as you etch closer to achieving a thunderous orgasm.


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