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Want To Find A Man… Go On More Dates

Want To Find A Man… Go On More Dates

I want you to go on more dates. Not because you love dating, or have more than enough shoes and time to kill but because it’s the best way to find a man. Most women want a relationship. Everybody does. But if you can’t enjoy the experience of letting someone get to know you, you won’t get into the right relationship.

I want you to date more because I don’t give relationship advice. I’m in no way, shape or form qualified to do so. Most single women know what they want from a relationship and there’s no advice that can tell you how to get that.

Trust me.

Are you a “catch” yet, you’re constantly passed over by potential dates?

Either they don’t notice you, ask you out, follow-up or put in the kind of effort that makes you feel good about the courtship. You can change all of that.

If you don’t allow men to date you by first believing that men want to, you’re telling the world that you are not worthy of the love that you’re essentially looking for. If you refuse to go on dates, it’s only because you’re afraid.

I hear every excuse every invented when it comes to why single women don’t like to date. But the truth is if multiple attractive, interesting, kind generous men were asking you out, you would go. And you wouldn’t settle with just one until you were sure he was the one for you.

The reason women date is the same reason that men date, because they have options. When you aren’t dating it isn’t because you no longer have options only that you believe you don’t.

There are 3 experiences most singles have

  • They date the same person for a prolonged period with a commitment then it falls apart
  • They date the same person for a prolonged period of time without a commitment then it falls apart
  • They date no one

Who you date is up to you. You have the final say in who you want to date, who you allow yourself to date and who you allow yourself to like.

No one can take those choices from you or make them for you.

But you have to want to date more because it’s the best way to meet the man you’re looking for. Dating is the best practice for getting to know if a man is what you’re looking for and vice versa. Dating is not an audition for the role of girlfriend, or a public judgment of your self-worth. Dating is a mutually shared experience that allows two people to decide if they’re compatible.

There’s nothing bad about that. You have something special and important to share, I want you to embrace it and learn how to share it with others.


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