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Why You’re Not The Only Person That Needs Dating Advice

Why You’re Not The Only Person That Needs Dating Advice

If I’m anything, it’s self-aware. When you share your ideas with the world as many bloggers do, a decision must be made about how personal your posts will be. Foolishly, I thought I could get away with giving useful advice, my personal life aside.

Even more misguided I was certain that my authority would be established as my advice was put into practice and proven to work. In reality, where I like to live, my blog is not a business. Giving advice is my business. For now, while it is on Thedatingtruth.com, I realize that essentially (with the exception of ehow.com) blogs that share information are almost never devoid of the writer’s personality. Specifically when it comes to personal development. The beginning of my interest in dating, self-help and creating change through thoughts were all born of frustration. Even this site, after my dating was beyond successful was created from failure.

The failure of every man I had to dump. I thought, “I bet he wants to know what he did wrong?” or “I bet he’s wondering why I haven’t returned his text.” From the many text I ignored this past weekend I got to thinking, “If this man is texting me, he must be desperate.”

That being said I will tell you I’ve been reading “The Game” the infamous Neil Strauss depiction of the life of world famous Pick-Up Artists and how he came to be one. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good book. What stands out to me the most is how desperate, YES DESPERATE, every man written about is at some point.

Revered gurus like Mystery and Ross Jeffries are depicted as hapless nerds who through unbearable abstinence frustration decided to change their lives. Essentially every participant at every workshop had found themselves at a low point in life and willing to do anything to end their miserable dating experiences. As interesting as the book is it’s sad.

Anyone who has ever investigated the personal development world be it self-help, power of attraction, NLP, hell even if you’ve only read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence people,” it’s likely due to loneliness. When I find that people are desperate, frustrated, hopeless it’s typically the result of feeling lonely.

I am constantly asked why it seems everyone is so obsessed with dating. Place men and women in a room for an hour and watch how easily and quickly the conversation veers to personal relationships. I think it’s because most single men and women are looking for connection. If you are single, dating and the experience of dating are undeniably subjects that you will have in common with others.

Everyone will have an opinion to contribute.

My intention with this blog is constantly evolving but it’s important that single men and women know there are all kinds of lonely, frustrated people in the world. It is not just lame men and fat girls (yeah I said it) that are sitting home bored and contemplating joining Eharmony. I was once a lonely, looking for answers single woman and many singles are doing the same. Because I wasn’t satisfied with the information I’d been given I decided to create a new narrative on how to get more dates and have more sex. No matter what path you take, it’s important to remember there are other men and women struggling when it comes to dating.

The world is full of quality people, smart people, rich people, gorgeous, absolutely stunning people who aren’t getting laid just like you aren’t getting laid. So if you aren’t getting dates it’s not because you’re a loser it’s because you just don’t know how. So tell me, single ladies and gents, what frustrates you the most about being single? I want to help you solve the problem.

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