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Your Biggest Problem In Dating Solved.. Finally

Your Biggest Problem In Dating Solved.. Finally

There are two kinds of single people.

Those who have a problem they want to solve and those who have a problem they want to talk about. When you’re serious about finding love and a happy relationship you can’t look at only the problems, you have to talk about the solutions too. Just because someone is talking about a situation that’s making them miserable doesn’t mean they are interested in making a change.

It can simply mean they want to complain, and they want you to listen. If I had a dollar for every single that told me, “they actually meet lots of people” or “turn down dates all the time”, I might be a millionaire. My personal favorite is when single men and women tell me, “That’s not my problem.”

Okay, then what is?

You might be happy, you might be heavily sought after but are you getting what you want out of dating? Really, are you? That’s the only problem worth fixing. If you’re not getting what you want out of your love life then you have a problem and I am happy to offer a solution.

I want to help. So it’s simple. What’s wrong with you? No really, what’s wrong with you. What is your problem? I’m giving you a lot of credit in assuming that you already know what your problem is but you haven’t had the right information or motivation to actually solve it.

I’ll let you off the hook and suggest the one thing I know about every person who isn’t in a relationship. You have to make love and finding love a priority. If there is anything more important to you than being in a healthy relationship then you won’t be in one. The reason you’re single starts with you’re commitment to not being single. The things we have to do to get into a relationship are easy to do but they are also easy not to do. If you’ve tried everything in your dating life but still aren’t seeing the results that you want then consider an alternative.

If you have a problem, trust that there is a solution. I believe that you know what your problem is and probably why you have it. I’m not going to patronize you. It’s to your benefit to be as honest with yourself as possible.

Send it to me and I will give you a solution. The only thing that I ask is you do make commitment to yourself to make love a priority.

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