3 Secrets for a Successful First Date

Dating can be hard even at the best of times, let alone after a lockdown. Let’s be honest, meeting someone for the first time at a two-meter distance, bundled up in fifty layers (because guess what? It’s a park date again), is definitely not a vibe. At least, not the sexy aura you want to be giving out on a first date.

And, while the world is slowly returning to normal, reverting to the dating master you once were, may feel a little daunting. But, lucky for you, we’re about to spill all our dating secrets. Here’s to beating those lockdown anxieties and getting you back in the game!

Choose a Stress-Free Date Location

After the year we’ve had, feeling anxious about going to cafés and restaurants is completely normal. Having spent the majority of the past year actively avoiding the ‘classic’ date destinations, it can feel overwhelming to be suddenly thrown back into it all.

So, we advise choosing a date location that suits you. Whether that means picking somewhere that you’ve already been or even just sticking to the outdoor walks, being comfortable in your surroundings is essential for a successful date. If you’re feeling particularly worried about a proposed date location, we highly suggest explaining your feelings to your date.

It’s probably quite likely that your date may also be experiencing similar anxieties.

“Sexual Prime” To Have a Good Time

Now, this may seem like an odd one, but trust us when we say that it might just be the best of them all. It’s time to throw out the fancy perfume and tanning lotion because research suggests the only thing you need before a big date is the internet.

Watching porn before a date has been shown to make men and women more open, outgoing, and better at socializing. Which, as it turns out, is the perfect recipe for the ideal date. Five minutes before a date, have a little browse of the best free porn sites and you’ll be well on your way to having the best time.

Not only can it be a major confidence boost for first dates, but porn has also been shown to improve libido. So, we’ve even got you covered for all those steamy follow-up dates!

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident

If heels and slinky dresses aren’t your thing, don’t wear them. When going on a first date you want to feel as comfortable as possible and dressing like someone else is definitely not how you achieve that. In fact, people who feel more confident in their dress have been shown to present themselves more positively to others.

We advise picking an outfit that brings out the true you.

While dating can be fun, it’s important to remember that finding someone isn’t the be all and end all. At the end of the day, you create and control your own happiness. Remember to stay true to yourself, stay positive, and always put yourself first.

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