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8 Things that Can Ruin Even the Strongest of Marriage

8 Things that Can Ruin Even the Strongest of Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful institution that offers several opportunities for couples to let their love blossom. At the same time, couples may have to face a lot of situations in a marriage where they will be tested with their patience. If they fail to keep calm under those critical moments, it can potentially damage their overall relationship.

It turns out, there are also some conscious habits which are persistent among spouses nowadays that tend to hurt marriage badly. It is important to eliminate these habits at the earliest in order to retain the lost spark for each other. Below are some of the most common of those unhealthy practices:

Not Sharing Secrets

Partners remain open to each other as much as possible. The practice of keeping secrets from your better half can be a great cause of mistrust and hatred. Sharing your feelings can be genuinely cathartic and rejuvenating to the mind as well. Talk freely to your partner always as it is also a great way to boost your communication skills. Discuss patiently on things that are tough to solve at one go. One should know that hiding things from your partner can only drain the beauty of your relationship.

Constant Disrespect

Self-respect is one of those critical aspects of life that almost all people hold dear. Crossing that line to shame your partner can have a drastic impact on your relationship. You should try not to become personal in every small thing in life. Any difference of opinion can also be conveyed in a polite manner. One should realize that no relationship can flourish when constant insults are being thrown at each other.

Ignoring Intimacy

Love is the basis of all marriages, and hence it is important that couples never neglect the moments of intimacy. If couples feel that there are issues regarding their sex-life, then they should discuss with each other immediately.

Cultivate the habit of cuddling as it is a great practice to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Another technique to boost intimacy is doing Kegel exercises which increase the blood flow to the groin muscles which are active during sex. These exercises are beneficial for getting a good body posture as well.

Keeping Unrealistic Expectations

We can only deliver what we are capable of. Partners keeping unrealistic expectations from each other will breed nothing but great frustration. Instead of getting the best out of each other, couples should try to bring the best out of themselves for maintaining a wonderful relationship. In any bond, there will be differences and those differences need to be effectively sorted out. Even if you had a heated argument with your spouse, try to make amends soon as holding a grudge can only worsen the case.

Lying About Finances

It is a fact that money (or the lack of it) is the root cause of stress in most people. If you hide this aspect of life from your spouse, then it can take a massive toll on your relationship. This kind of cheating in marriage is commonly known as Financial Infidelity and can be a cause of a significant breach of trust. Financial infidelity is also becoming a ground reason for divorce among couples in today’s generation. One should know that running a family requires great planning and spouses should maintain absolute honesty in the financial matters of their life.


Addiction to anything can sour the relationship between couples pretty quickly. Even though there are a lot of things in today’s world that induces compulsive behaviour, there are two addictions that enslave people the most; smoking and drinking. The link between chronic alcoholism and divorce can no longer be overlooked today.

Spouses who abuse alcohol also tend to be violent towards their better halves. Controlled drinking is one way on how a person can deal with this addiction. Chronic smokers, on the other hand, can develop serious health risks due to the harmful chemicals present in tobacco, which can also disrupt a peaceful marriage life. One can try less harmful options like an e-cigarette as this gadget excludes tobacco and is useful in tweaking the nicotine levels as per your convenience.

Not Taking Responsibility

Accountability is a virtue in every relationship, which includes a successful marriage life too. Taking ownership for your action goes a long way in empowering the bond you have with your partner. One should know that blame-games are one of the top reasons that wreck a relationship faster. Finding unnecessary faults in your better halves can have a drastic impact on mental health as well. A great way to maintain excellent accountability in a relationship is by staying honest about all matters. It is evident that when partners are candid with each other, they will have better clarity on all the things in life.

Taking Your Partner for Granted

Your life-partner is someone who has feelings just like you have. Do not take your spouse for granted as doing so will sow the seeds of enmity. One should try to give their partner all the love and affection and also give value to their feelings. Small gestures go a long way in strengthening the overall bond between partners. So show your gratitude when your spouse does something special each and every time for you.


A husband-wife relationship is one of the most profound on earth. One should be loving, conscious as well as caring towards their better halves as much as possible. It is important to realize that no external circumstances should have a say on the beautiful bond between partners. If couples can stay off from the habits mentioned above, they can definitely take their journey of love to even greater heights.

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