Home Online Dating Does Using A Sex Finder Site Compromise Your Values?

Does Using A Sex Finder Site Compromise Your Values?

Does Using A Sex Finder Site Compromise Your Values?

One of my most favourite quotes is attributed to the ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius. It doesn’t really matter whether Confucius said this or not because its truth is just so amazing, at least to me. According to the quote, if you sow a thought, you will reap a word. If you sow a word, you will reap an action. If you sow an action, you will reap a habit. If you sow a habit, you will reap a character. If you sow a character, you will reap a destiny.

This quote is very near and dear to me because it highlights to me, in no uncertain terms, that I am in control of my destiny. I control my destiny, not through some heroic action or something that involves a tremendous amount of drama and money. Instead, I control my destiny by my thoughts.

It also highlights the fact that I choose my thoughts on a moment by moment basis. This is the most self empowering concept to me because it’s absolutely true. I learned this first hand when trying to succeed at online sex finder sites. When I first joined a local sex finder site, I met the fate of most guys who joined those websites before me. In other words, I failed. I sent out thousands of messages, I put together a profile, and nothing happens. It was just very, very annoying. It took a while and, believe me, I reached a point where I was ready to quit. I was ready to throw in the towel and predictably pin the blame on these adult sex finder sites. I was ready to be the biggest evangelist of the idea that these websites are scams, they are frauds and they are just out to milk hapless guys out of their hard-earned dollars.

Well, it dawned on me that if I change what I thought about the process, maybe it would change how I behave. So instead of looking at it as simply trying to pull teeth or doing something that I’m not entitled to, I looked at it as a fun game, kind of like Tetris or a puzzle.

And soon enough, when I looked at it from a structural perspective, more women started appearing. First, it would appear in trickles. Maybe I’d hook up with a Russian chick in the east side of Los Angeles or the west side of Santa Monica. And then the next time, I would hook up with a Filipina girl from the valley. And then all of a sudden, I started seeing patterns.

Each ethnicity, each class level has its own patterns and it became so fascinating to me because I was no longer focused on banging more women. I was focused on figuring out this puzzle that certain demographic trends tend to have different predictive behaviour or norms and I have to say the right things with the right cues to provoke certain types of actions. That became my focus. It was all about the game, and not necessarily about the chick. This might be a dilemma for some who feel conflicted about interacting with women in this day and age. Ultimately, I embraced my prowess and sexual desire. I realized that meeting women on a sexfinder site meant that they were interested in the same outcomes as I was. This put me more at ease, and I began to have more fun.

The types of activities I was able to engage in became more elaborate and it was exciting. Every encounter was different and that made it even better. Getting head at the end of the game is very much welcome, but that wasn’t my objective. The victory is being able to see this puzzle and being constantly impressed by how the human mind works.

So you have to operate at that level. You have to see the excitement in connecting with people who are interested in your type of interaction. You can’t just operate at your basic human need to want to have sex. You have to look at your sense of transcendence. Read up on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and if you are able to inform your hunt for sex at a high quality free local sex finder site like https://sexfinder.net with a transcendent goal, then you will get more women.

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