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Drive-In Movie Night; The New Cool and Safe Date Night

Drive-In Movie Night; The New Cool and Safe Date Night

Creativity is alive and well, as social engagement has been tweaked to bring retro-movie night, the drive-in theater, back into a true state of coolness. This true relic of American culture, Outdoor pop-up, or old and established, drive-in movies are “in,” as an alternative, safe, outdoor, social distanced, entertainment venue.  

The Drive-In Experience for New Couples 

Like Alice, down the rabbit hole, viewing anything on a large screen is all good, as this creates an entry into the unknown. Drive in viewing on a colossal movie screen, 50 feet wide, and 30 feet high, under a starry night, in a large, safely distanced space, is magical and filled with the unexpected.  

The appeal of this event reaches all the generations, from the Boomer’s to Gen Z’ers, all are on-boarding to the wonderfully safe, socialization, and embracing of the outdoors, with perks.

The Actual “Feels” of Drive-In-ing

A historic cinematic moment, with fascinating imagery, projected on a jumbo-tron screen, with incredible Dolby sound, in the dark, is “not” what is happening.  This movie night is about being in your third space, your own comfy, cozy car, to watch a movie, in the green zone, under the night sky. You are accompanied by your partner, and the special people in your bubble, for now, safely distanced from other cinema devotees. The surroundings are pleasing, and the entertainment is stirring. 

Human beings are social. Gathering in an open space, out of the house, socially distanced, but able to see others, and lose yourself in movie magic stories, is the new retro cool.  

Another perk of this event, is the greedy consumption of your favorite carbs, and sweet treats, just because, why not?  Dr. Marney White, clinical psychologist and associate professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Yale School of Public Health, “loves this experience,” and totally supports people fully engaging in it, for social connectivity. 

The best features of attending movie night include:

  1. It’s usually a double feature, showing classics, scary, adventures, comedies, romantic, and new releases.
  2. Inexpensive (how retro is that?)
  3. You can bring the kids, hot cookies just out of the oven, and your furry, four-footed pets.
  4. It is super casual, personal, and screaming at the scary stuff is totally allowed.
  5. Pizza consumption is encouraged.
  6. You choose the beverages, ice cream flavor preferences, and “seconds” are available.
  7. Sitting on the hood of the car for viewing is considered acceptable behavior. A picnic blanket for seating comfort, is recommended.

Movie Night Necessities and Coolness Tips

When beginning this out-of-house experience, at dusk. Traveling as the sun sets can be visually challenging. Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, unexpected objects in the road, and make sure to turn on your headlights. 

Safe driving requires being fully insured, as a “given” necessity. Freeway Insurance offers driver’s full coverage and great rates. If you choose to sit outside, weather permitting, bring folding chairs, bug spray, jackets, flip flops, and a flashlight.  

If this excursion into the land of make-believe cinema is a first, the following tips will keep you “cool”:

  • Watch out for people as you park, they will be everywhere, parking and walking.
  • Get there early, to pick the perfect location for viewing.
  • Try parking backward, if you have a truck or large back opening van, or SUV, for lounging.
  • Do not use your dome light when the movie is on.
  • Create a mix of fun foods and healthy snacks to make it an “all good” time for the family.
  • Clean up any mess made when snacking.
  • Be aware that intervals with be noisy, bring a yard game, or cuddle, and communicate.
  • Keep your pets leashed, and give your kids rules for outside-the-car safety.
  • Wear shoes and don’t go barefoot in the dark.
  • Exit safely. Everyone seems to head to the open road all at once, invigorated by the spirited evening.

Location, Location

Searching for drive-in movie theaters on Google, will afford the information you seek in locating drive-in’s, and pop-up theaters in your area.  If the results are not do-able, the site Drive-ins.com is consistently updating their growing lists for these destinations, throughout America. 

Word-of-mouth from co-workers, neighbors, and always, a Facebook pages perusal, can point to some options.  Have determination, and make this experience happen.  You want your family, and best friends to notice your retro and forward thinking coolness, don’t you?

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