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How Sex Saves Your Marriage: The Truth Revealed

How Sex Saves Your Marriage: The Truth Revealed

How much sex is enough for a married couple?

An average American couple has sex 66 times a year. However, 15% to 20% couples make love less than 10 times a year- which is taken as “sexless marriage.”  Lack of sex can ruin any marriage. Couples who have sex often report experiencing more attachment and desire for each other. Marriages, where sex is not avoided, are also happier and last longer.

So what’s it about sex that makes it so important for marriages or long-term relationships? It turns out sex has both psychological and physical benefits for a couple. It can act as a bond between partners and help them have a fulfilling relationship.

Today, we will explore how sex can spice up a marriage, and how you can include more sex in your marriage for a lasting relationship.

How Can Sex Foster a Happy Marriage?

Here is a look at some of the ways sex can help you have a happy marriage, and how you can get better in bed.

Sex Creates Intimacy

Couples often lose intimacy between one another resulting in an unhappy marriage. Sex, on the other hand, creates intimacy and bonding between couples. During sex, our bodies produce several hormones like oxytocin, testosterone, dopamine, and endorphins that result in increased affection. You feel a strong bond and desire for your partner, forming a sex-affection link.

It Lets Both Partners Relax

Sex is a great stress buster. Most of us are too tired and stressed after our day’s work and fall asleep once we hit the bed. Sex can help you calm down and relax and even feel good due to the release of endorphins. You also feel more rewarded once the dopamine kicks in and stay on an emotional high. Sex is designed to make us feel good. Regular sex can be a great way to calm those nerves and have a relaxing time with your partner.

Sex Improves Your Mood

Inhibitions, insecurities, and bad moods often cast shadows over a marriage. Sometimes, you don’t just feel like having sex and want to spend time watching a TV series. However, we suggest you spend the time making love as it can quickly elevate your mood. You feel happy, satisfied, and uplifted after sex, even if you were feeling low before. When both partners are in a good mood, the marriage is bound to be happy!

Sex Paves the Way for Deeper Communication

Regular sex can help couples learn and understand each other better. You can regain the lost spark and become more playful in your relationship. The act of lovemaking and associated emotions also let you drop your embarrassments and inhibitions.
As a result, you open up to one another and can talk about anything. And an open communication always leads to a happier relationship based on trust.

It Solves Disagreements

Couples tend to disagree more a few years down the relationship than at the beginning. Lack of communication and misunderstandings also create distance between partners.
However, as we already said, having sex can improve communication between partners. It also lets both of you spend intimate time with one another. You can work through your disagreements and reach a common ground by making love as a truce.

A Great Way to Workout

Sex is a great physical activity and helps you burn a lot of calories. 30-minutes of good sex burns 200 calories and is equivalent to moderate physical exercises like brisk walking or hiking.
Burning calories doesn’t only keep you fit, but also makes you happy. You always feel good after sex as you do after working out. So sex is the perfect way to stay in shape and maintain a happy marriage.

Sex Builds Self-Esteem

Both partners in a marriage need to feel good about themselves to make things work out. If you or your partner harbors self-doubts, it can be damaging for themselves and the relationship.
Sex is a great way to make your partner feel wanted. Regular sex can also drive away from the fears in your mind and put you at ease. You can even shed the insecurities about performance in bed and take things as they come.

Sex Creates Bonding

Sex works on many levels to strengthen the bond between couples. It releases the bonding hormone oxytocin that creates a desire for your partner. The spurt of endorphins also creates a bond between partners and makes them want each other.
Regular sex can help you maintain optimum levels of these hormones. As a result, you can also feel a strong sexual urge towards your partner. So sex makes you affectionate and bond better with your partner. In turn, you feel more attached to your partner based on a strong emotional bond.

By now, you must have realized why and how sex can keep a marriage from falling apart. However, what if you want to have sex, but can’t due to loss of interest?

The Importance of Maintenance Sex

It’s not fair to expect that your partner will always have the same sexual drive as you. People do feel disinterested in sex and lose the habit as a marriage grows older. However, experts advise us to go for it even if we don’t feel like it! Why?
Because you will never feel bad after having sex, especially if you love your partner. Sex always cheers you up and acts the same way for your spouse. So even if you lose interest in sex, go for it for the sake of saving your marriage and making it a happy one!

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs are a great way to boost low libido and increase sexual drive. Products like Spanish Fly Pro combine potent natural ingredients to make way for natural arousals and increased sexual appetite. It works for both men and women and can be taken a few minutes before having sex. It can help you get back the sexual urge for your partner and build up strong intimacy by making sex more exciting and adventurous.

Tips for a Better Sex Aka Marriage Life

Here are some tips to get more sex and make your marriage happier

Have more sex more often: That’s the secret to a happy marriage!
Increase in increments: If you have less sex, try to increase the frequency in increments. Maybe, from 1 day a week to thrice. Then you can go for 4 days a week.

Satisfy your desires: Don’t wait for your urges to die down! If possible, head straight for the bedroom!

Make an effort: Even if you don’t feel like, make an effort. You will surely enjoy sex and want more.

Sex is the secret to happy and long-lasting marriages. Couples in long-term relationships should make sex a priority and keep time aside for it. As you start having sex regularly, you will feel the attachment and love coming back, forming a strong bond with your partner.

Are you looking forward to sex every night? Or, are you looking to spice things up? Either way, you will love products like the Spanish Fly.

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