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How To Find Love When You Are Just Too Busy

How To Find Love When You Are Just Too Busy

I’d like to date more but finding the time to meet people is just too hard. How many times have you found yourself making this statement. Maybe you want to date but you just don’t have time. Does this statement sound like something you’d say to yourself or maybe a friend?

If so, you’re not alone. You’re like the millions of single adults who turn to online dating for the convenience and ease of finding a partner. While the process might take up an hour or so of your time, you’ve made yourself available 24hrs a day, which can better your chances of finding love.

If you tell yourself, or others, that you’re too busy to meet people, date, or invest in a relationship; you’re lying. The reality is that you are too busy for the following: to change your behavior, or too busy for an unhealthy relationship.

No one is too busy for love. It’s such a spontaneous emotion that love sneaks up on you when you least expect it. If you’re telling yourself that you are too busy for a relationship, you’re actually not too busy, you’re just in denial.

Too busy, is an excuse people use when they haven’t had pleasurable experiences in dating. Either they’ve been disappointed by their dates, or faced rejection, who would make time for that if they didn’t have to? Your concept of what dating actually is, is either unhealthy or based on past negative experiences.

No one is too busy for a meaningful relationship because pleasure is basic human need.

Connection is also a human need. We can’t live without it. If we try, we find ourselves feeling sad or depressed. What you are likely too busy for, is changing your routine. Changing a behavior takes a concerted effort. If you are too busy for dating then you likely have a routine that you don’t want to change or alter.

You have enough time in your day for love but you are currently getting your rush of dopamine from something else. Whether you derive it from food, or a hobby, all of us are seeking it and make time for it in our daily lives. The difference is, instead of sneaking a few minutes to have that chocolate bar after the gym, you could text with a lover, and feel equally satisfied.

When you develop a positive view of partnership it’s easier to make a time and place for it in your life.

If you believe that having someone to share happy and sad moments with is valuable, you are NEVER too busy to date.
You must ACCEPT and KNOW that joy comes with the relationship. If you think that dating takes up too much time, have you concerned looking for love in other ways? Often times when single adults proclaim that they are too busy for a relationship, they have only approached looking for a relationship in one way. Traditionally dating takes time as it requires you spend time with someone else, to get to know them. What if you approached the getting to know you process a little differently.

You can attract people into your life while going about your day. You can meet potential dates in the places that you already are. The way to do so is to be aware of the people around you that you find attractive and positive. If you know that you don’t have time to swipe on Tinder or attend a networking event, make a game out of meeting new people in everyday situations. You can make connections that will bring potential dates into your life without having to go out of your way.

Smile more, compliment strangers, and verbally thank those around you who hold the door, ring up your purchase or deliver your packages.

Make eye contact consistently and when people speak to you, hold your head up and speak back.

Invite interested people to do what interests you.

Most people work a job; possibly more than one then fill the rest of their day with a diversion, or television. It isn’t uncommon that singles spend more time at the gym than going on dates. If you view dating as having to share yourself with someone else, you might be too exhausted at the end of your week to do so but if you view dating as enjoying a new experience while getting to know someone else, it’s well worth making time for.

If you could adopt the idea that you’re a wonderful person whose perfect match is making their way to you, why wouldn’t you make time to date? To find them? Think of a date as a prospect for friendship, or to try something new. Make dating a new hobby and you’ll be amazed how little time it actually takes to date.

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