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Why Dating Might Seem Harder For You Than For Others

Why Dating Might Seem Harder For You Than For Others

I want to dispel the idea that everyone wants to be great.

Greatness is not a desire of all. I was reminded of this while watching the latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show. While some people may watch the show in awe and wonder. I watch it, take notes and rationalize I’m one great diet plan away from looking like Adriana Lima.

I think she’s beautiful and I want to be beautiful but most folks aren’t like me.

If you read this blog thinking that you could be a better person then I applaud you. I want you to be better. I want you to be the best you that you can be and likely, you want the same.

This could be why dating proves difficult for you. Not only because you want more but because you believe there is more to want. Despite all of your ok dates, so-so experiences and lackluster courtships you still hold out hope that there is a great love to be had out there.

That’s phenomenal!

Dating might be difficult for you because you don’t want a “regular” partner. You don’t someone who works a 9-5 and has little to no creativity. You don’t want someone just making ends meet, getting drunk on the weekends and so stuck in a routine you can set their bowel movements by the clock.

You don’t want someone living the everyday without stimulation, ambition or motivation.

It’s likely that you want a partner like yourself, a person with passion, hobbies and ideas. Which makes me believe that we are not all looking to be loved. We want to be inspired.

If you want someone who challenges you, makes you rethink possibility, someone who motivates you while making you happy then you are like me.

The good news is, that person is out there. I know this because you’re probably one of these people. Now you’re looking to find someone like you. While I talk about people who don’t like themselves, people in our position like who we are just a little too much.

You will never find yourself in another person. You might think finding someone like you, is your perfect partner but unfortunately there are only one of you.

So what should you do?

  • Date people who really like you. (Not who admire you or gas you up, just to control you but people who really like you.)
  • Stop chasing after others.
  • Be patient.
  • Date as many people as you can, until someone asks you to be exclusive.
  • Don’t try to be in control.
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