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Why You Need To Treat Yourself Better This Year

Why You Need To Treat Yourself Better This Year

Whether you agree with my advice or not I write with one policy, give the advice you would want to hear. It stems from the idea, be the change you want to see.

I’m single and have been for years. I have been through numerous relationships where I longed for a specific type of advice that I thought the self-help/ relationship advice industry was missing and I set out to fill that void.

The truth is, I still need advice. I certainly don’t know it all and I fall victim to the same traps every other single woman finds herself in.

The truth I needed to accept and I want to share with you, to improve your love life in 2012 is: treat yourself better.

First of all, stop putting yourself down.

You deserve the best or at least what everyone else is getting. Don’t settle for less because you don’t feel you’re worthy of more. No man or woman is worth your self-esteem.

Stop the negative self-talk, stop over eating and putting junk into your body, stop comparing yourself to other people and definitely stop being the worlds’ punching bag. You are better than that.

I needed to tell myself that I don’t deserve to be a second thought, an option or a side chick. When I started to treat myself better, I told myself that I was going to be happy, not down. I wasn’t going to fall victim to circumstances brought on by others. I was going to pep talk myself into action.

I want you to do the same.

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