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One-Night Stand Safety Tips for Women

One-Night Stand Safety Tips for Women

Girls just wanna have fun

We have all been there or know someone who has. You go out, have a great night, meet a cute guy (or a girl), and the next thing you know, you are doing the devil’s tango with someone whose second name you probably don’t even know. We are not passing judgment here.

One-night stands are slowly but surely becoming sort of a social norm in the modern dating culture. And while it can be liberating and exciting, it is always super important to ensure that you put your safety first. Remember that so much could go wrong from STIs and unplanned pregnancies to scarier incidences like assault.

So if you meet a guy on one of those hookup sites, here are seven simple one night stand safety tips:

How to Have a Safe One-Night Stand

Protect Yourself

The importance of using protection during one-night stands could not be emphasized enough! Since you have no idea what your dance partner for the night has and where they have been, it’s always best to protect yourself by using a condom. It will also save that pregnancy scare in a couple of weeks.

The best thing to do is to carry your own and insist on using them.

Don’t drink and go for a one-night stand

Alcohol can make things a whole lot of fun. However, the more intoxicated you are, the more likely you are to get into risky situations with hookup setups. You should be in a position to make decisions, so it would be best to stay as sober as you possibly can.

Play it safe and have one of your designated sober friends keep an eye out for you when you go out. That way, you will have someone stand up for you when you are too drunk to make any wise decisions on your own. Just make sure you let them take care of you.

Communicate and stick to your boundaries

It is crucial in these situations to be vocal and clear about what you want and is comfortable with and what your limits are. The last thing you want is a stranger crossing your boundaries and potentially traumatizing you. You are an adult, and it is ok to want what you want. So be open about, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble down the line.

Don’t go incognito; let a friend know

Never, under any circumstances, go off with a stranger without letting someone know. That is important as a way to keep you safe by making it easy to track you. If possible, share constant location updates with your friends so that they know where you are in case anything goes wrong.

It is also essential that your hookup partner knows that someone knows where you are. That should discourage them from doing anything shady they may have been planning.

Use reputable online sites

These days, love and romance are moving closer and closer to the online scene. Dating sites are not only how we meet potential long-term lovers but also how we find one-night stands. There are specific niche sites that cater to these hookups.

If you choose to use one of these, be sure to use a reputable sex site that protects your interests and identity through profile verification and other policies.

Some of these sites include:

DatingInspector.com has reviewed even more one-night stand sites: https://www.datinginspector.com/one-night-stand-sites/

Meet in safe public space first

If it is an online hookup, it is always best to meet up in a public space. For one, it will allow you to confirm the identity of the person you have been chatting up while giving you room to back out if things don’t add up. You also get to enjoy a safe space to get to know each other before you get down and dirty for some adult fun.

Always listen to your gut

Intuition is a powerful thing in such situations. If something does not feel right about the one-night stand, then run and do not look back. It could be your instincts trying to warn you about something you are not willing to acknowledge. Spidey senses exist for a good reason – to save you from bad situations. So please pay attention to them!

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